About the world skin health coalition

The World Skin Health Coalition was founded to help address the global challenges of dermatological diseases and to elevate skin health on the global health policy agenda. With an estimated 4.86 billion new cases of skin and subcutaneous diseases globally (2019 data), conditions and diseases of the skin are one of the most common reasons that people seek help from a health worker. We need to change perceptions about this significant burden on the lives of over 2 billion people. Through the Coalition, we have joined forces to advocate for better access to care and treatment and increased recognition of skin health’s true impact.

Our Mission

The World Skin Health Coalition, established in May 2022, is a patient-led multi-stakeholder group that has united under a shared vision: to elevate the understanding and treatment of dermatological diseases and conditions. We are committed to raising awareness, improving policy prioritization, and advocating for enhanced access to diagnosis, care, and treatment for the over 2 billion people living with diverse dermatological conditions worldwide.

Understanding the Challenge

Skin diseases and conditions are the world’s third most prevalent cause of illness and are in the top 10 causes of disability, and yet they are often misperceived as cosmetic or minor ailments. The reality for millions is a battle with serious, debilitating conditions, compounded by mental health challenges like anxiety, isolation and social stigma and exclusion. Many skin diseases are also marked by immune and inflammatory health impacts and have significant co-morbidity indicators. There are so many different diseases of the skin, which contributes to patients’ difficulty in achieving a timely and accurate diagnosis and accessing the treatments they need. Recognizing the underestimated burden of these diseases, key voices from skin patient and medical communities initiated a dialogue in 2020, culminating in the formation of our coalition.

Our Global Impact

Launched formally at the 75th World Health Assembly, the World Skin Health Coalition is more than a group; it’s a movement. Our coalition is actively involved in advocating to the World Health Organization and other global decision-makers for change. We are dedicated to ensuring that policies are in place for improved access to diagnosis, care, and treatment, supporting people living with skin diseases, regardless of their location in the world.

Close up of a girls face with skin condition, and text that reads "Tell policy-makers its about your skin and so much more"

Our Global Partners

At the heart of the World Skin Health Coalition are our dedicated partners, encompassing three key stakeholder groups, each bringing their own skills, experience and resources to the common goal.

Patient Organizations

Voices of those directly impacted, guiding our mission with real-life insights.

Healthcare and Research Bodies

Experts providing vital medical and scientific knowledge.

Industry Partners

Offering resources and financial support to help amplify our global efforts.

Join Our Cause

We invite you to become part of the Coalition’s journey. If you are a multi-country organization or company with a commitment to dermatology patients, please consider joining us. As a Partner of the World Skin Health Coalition, you have the opportunity to change perceptions about the significant impacts of skin diseases and conditions. For more information, please contact [email protected].

Together, we can elevate the prioritization in health policy, both globally and nationally. Your support and collaboration are crucial in our endeavor to transform how skin health is perceived and treated around the world.

“Our coalition is more than skin deep. The World Skin Health Coalition harnesses the strength and power of diverse perspectives, joining forces to make impactful changes for everyone affected by skin diseases and conditions across the globe.”

Marc Yale, Chair of the Coalition Steering Committee, and Board President, GlobalSkin