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The #NotJustMySkin campaign was the spark that ignited a global movement of people demanding action for those living with skin conditions and diseases. The campaign was a monumental success, resulting in global engagement with an issue that is often overlooked.

Thanks to your support, in just 6 weeks:

  • The campaign reached over 5 million people
  • Campaign materials featuring data and stories of real people living with skin conditions and diseases were viewed over 17.8 million times
  • Over 6,800 people in 130 countries across 6 WHO regions signed the open letter urging health policy leaders to act

To demonstrate the scale of the campaign’s achievements, we have created this campaign Impact Report. Download it now and share it with your community and policy leaders!

This Impact Report is more than a celebration of the campaign’s achievements. It is a tool that demonstrates the global demand for action. We all agree: health policy leaders around the world must enact change to help relieve the burdens faced by people with skin conditions and diseases.

people saw the campaign

views on the campaign

people in 130 countries signed the open letter

Stories of Resilience

Explore the powerful stories of individuals living with skin conditions and diseases across the globe. These unveil the true challenges beyond the physical symptoms – the struggles from lack of timely diagnosis, lack of accessible or affordable treatments, and the often overlooked mental health impacts. Each account offers a window into personal challenges and triumphs, highlighting why our collective voice and action are vital.

Špela’s Story

Špela’s Story


Špela, a mother from Slovenia, founded an organization to champion the cause of families grappling with Atopic Dermatitis (AD). Her dedication stems from her personal story – a mother of four, with her two youngest sons battling the daily burdens that come with this condition.

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Noel’s Experience

Noel’s Experience


In 2016, Noel’s life took a dramatic turn with the onset of Pemphigus Vulgaris (PV). Misdiagnosed and unable to afford specialist care, he endured a year of intense pain and social stigma. “People thought I was HIV positive,” Noel shares, highlighting the misconceptions and isolation he faced.

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Katie’s Journey

Katie’s Journey


Katie’s life story begins uniquely, born with a rare skin disease known as Cutis Marmorata Telangiectatica Congenita (CMTC). This journey isn’t simply about managing her skin condition; it is about learning to navigate a complex healthcare system and advocating for the right to proper care.

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World Skin Health Coalition

The World Skin Health Coalition unites to combat the global challenges of dermatological conditions and diseases. With over 2 billion people affected, we advocate for better access, care, and recognition of skin health’s true impact. Join us in elevating skin health on the global health agenda.